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The problem with self-help…

When I started down the path of self-help, a sea of ​​information and a whole new world opened up to me. There was so much to learn and apply! I …continue reading

Self-worth vs. self-esteem

When do I have a lot of value? And when little? What do I have to achieve to feel valuable? Am I worth less when others put me down? Or …continue reading

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What do you want?!?

It’s truly crazy. We can easily spend hours talking about what annoys us, who is doing what wrong or not doing anything at all, and what we do NOT want. …continue reading

Whom do you feed?

You gotta think anyway, why not think positive – ever heard that? It’s a nice postcard saying, but in reality, there’s a lot to it. Because our brain can’t NOT think. …continue reading

Is the grass on the other side always greener?

“I just don’t get it.” “What?” “You moved from the Dominican Republic to Hungary? To Nagykáta?!?” (Nagykáta – imagine a completely unspectacular, post-communist Hungarian town) Hmm, I had to think …continue reading

Woman enjoying coffee with friends at cozy cafe.

Nothing but excuses!

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite exercises. It helps you to get less upset in life and to develop a lot of understanding for others. This approach lets you …continue reading

Trust?!? How does that work?

Think about a day without any form of trust. Constant doubts about whether the alarm will go off in the morning, if the train will be on time, or if …continue reading

Control: Is Fear the True Driving Force?

Checking to see if your kids have brushed their teeth at night or if you’ve plugged in your phone is obviously okay. But what if this need to have everything under …continue reading

Every Negative Thought is Like a Sharp Stone in Your Shoe

Everyone’s been there. Suddenly, there’s a sharp pain in your shoe, and with each step, walking becomes torture. No one would think of pouring a handful of sharp pebbles into …continue reading

Part 6 of The journey of Overcoming any Challenge

Alright. Now let’s get to the final part of the six-part series: how to master every challenge successfully: When you get to the point where you accept your challenge, tackle it, and …continue reading

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part V)

Alright, time to roll up our sleeves! Change is coming! Imagine a balanced, loving kindergarten teacher: In a conflict, she’d get down to the child’s level, listen to them, let them …continue reading

The Journey of Overcoming Any Challenge (Part IV)

You or me? I bet you’ve already guessed that any change we’re talking about here is all about YOU. We all get that everyone has their own pace and way …continue reading

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part III)

So last time we talked, we figured out that every tense situation can actually help us grow. It’s all about how YOU handle it. That decides whether it ends up helping you to …continue reading

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part II)

Today, we’re talking about the true value of facing challenges. Listen up, because this is big:Every difficulty, conflict, awkward moment, and yes, even every pain or illness has the potential for growth. …continue reading

The Journey of Overcoming a Challenge (Part I)

I’ve got this problem… and it’s seriously driving me nuts! No matter how hard I try to shake it off or avoid it, it’s like it’s glued to me. Do …continue reading

Shoganai – The Art of Acceptance

“Shoganai” is an important word in Japanese. It can be translated as “It can’t be helped”. In essence, it suggests that it’s better to quickly accept and move on if something …continue reading

Your Environment Doesn’t Hear What You Say, But What You Think

You’re invited. To your mother-in-law’s place. And you’re already dreading it. “Deep breath”, you tell yourself. “I’ll ignore her snide comments and otherwise I’ll just smile and keep my thoughts …continue reading

Your Thoughts and Their Physical Effects

Your thoughts are a kind of programming, because in reality every cell in your body listens in on every thought you think and reacts to it. For example: How do …continue reading

The Secret of Change

MARIE KONDO, a Japanese organization expert, recounts in her book how she loved to tidy up even as a child.In the hallway of her family home, there was a large …continue reading

Transform ‘Annoying Comments’ Into Your Strength

Those sentences that somehow instantly drive you up the WALL. That OUTRAGE you! Or the ones that you hear over and over again and for the life of you, don’t …continue reading

It’ll work out for sure!

You have no control over the events in your life. But you can control the expectations you have towards them and how you then respond to them. For example, are …continue reading

Goodwill and Freedom of Choice

Ahhh, finally some peace. Cup of tea at my lips, I close my eyes in relaxation and inhale the scent of fresh tea leaves. Suddenly, the walls tremble, and I …continue reading

Change Your Environment – The Effect of Goodwill

We all get regularly upset about others. Maybe even daily. The jerk who won’t let me pass on the freeway! My partner who’s constantly glued to their phone. The neighbor …continue reading

Goodwill in Action: Giving Joy without Costs

Imagine you could give GIFTS to all sorts of people around you, without spending a single penny on it. It’s actually possible! With the right attitude! I’ve mentioned it before: …continue reading

Detox with new thinking habits

Nutella, croissants, cake, sugar in general… There was a time when I consistently denied myself these things. I classified them as bad and harmful and avoided eating them. Today, I …continue reading

MindShift – from passive to active

In my hand I held the gift, feeling disappointed.Somehow, I had hoped for more. Every time I thought of the gift afterward, I was plagued by guilt. I kept telling …continue reading

Baby Steps and Self-Love

I want to describe to you a vicious circle that we are all familiar with. You are excited about an idea (in the best case; in the worse case, you …continue reading

Your reaction determines success or failure.

So there I am, standing on the beach in my blouse, looking at the gray, thick rain clouds. The wind blows my hair into my mouth and I begin to …continue reading

The 3 Areas of Responsibility

Understanding the THREE AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your everyday life. It allows you to navigate through life with greater ease. There are three areas of …continue reading


Somehow there is no good equivalent for “Goodwill” in German. Love is too broad. Benevolence is too old-fashioned. So I stick with the English “Goodwill” and explain to you what …continue reading

From complaints to actions

We’re usually pretty quick to know what others should be doing or what they’ve failed to do. This is only human. But with this simple trick you get what you …continue reading

The joy you get is the joy you bring

Ever heard of this saying? In essence, it means that you can expect results in the same proportion as the effort you have put in. So, if you quickly buy …continue reading

How much do you really think?

Many people believe that feelings come before thoughts. After all, we say “I feel bad,” not “I think bad.” Okay, then I have a few questions for you: What would …continue reading

Direct Your Thoughts – Peace & Focus

Hmm, perfect foam, the warmth in my hand, and a good book on my lap. I take the first sip of my coffee and I’m happy. The fact that I’m …continue reading

You only limit yourself in your mind.

Recently, Michu and I had the pleasure of taking a boat tour on the Bosphorus. It was a diverse group of people, none of whom had known each other before. …continue reading

Decide Without Stress

The every day struggle of making good decisions. We all suffer from it daily, but only a few are aware of it. Should I rather buy online or in the …continue reading

How to Deal Constructively with Your Inner Driver

If only it were that simple, to allow ourselves rest and idleness… Even when one finally decides to take a break, this voice creeps into consciousness on silent soles and …continue reading

The power of doing nothing

A cup of tea. Tranquility. Nothing on the calendar. Staying in pajamas. All day long. Sometimes, the basics are the most healing.Because sometimes, your batteries are simply empty. So empty …continue reading

Accepting Failures

Any moment now, I’m going to lose my patience. I’m about to lose it! My feet hurt, I’m on my period, I’ve barely eaten all day, and it’s getting dark …continue reading