The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part III)

So last time we talked, we figured out that every tense situation can actually help us grow.

It’s all about how YOU handle it. That decides whether it ends up helping you to grow or is actually making life harder for you.

Now the trick is to take this thinking and apply it to your own life.

Start asking yourself: “How can this difficulty actually be good for me?” or “What can I change about how I act or think so this issue turns into a win?”

Remember how I told you in Part I about always clashing with my bosses or colleagues? I realized I was totally unable dealing with conflicts.

It’d freeze me up, and I couldn’t get my words out. Basically, I sucked at communicating when things got tense. I’d either shut up or mumble.

Once I figured this out, I made a plan. Took all sorts of courses, and really leaned into any chance to talk through problems openly and constructively.

Not gonna lie, there were times when I locked myself into the bathroom crying or almost hyperventilating because it was so hard. But I kept at it, going from one awkward conversation to the next, and eventually, I started to see some positive results.

Now? Communication, empathy, and problem-solving are things I’m actually good at, and dare I say, enjoy.

Side note:

I hardly ever have those tense confrontations anymore.
Cause there’s no need. I learned my lesson. 🙂
Life doesn’t have to keep nudging me anymore.
We’re created to evolve. If we don’t, life’s gonna keep poking us until we do.

So work with these questions:

1. How does my problem help me out?
2. What’s the lesson here?
3. Where can I improve?
4. How can I set an example, even if others aren’t there yet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What’s one area you’d like to overcome but are afraid to?

You’ve got this!

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