What we can achieve together

Mind over Body

  • Decoding the meaning of your illness – What if your illness or symptom actually had something good? What if it even made sense? As unique as each person is, so is the circumstances and influences that cause a body to develop certain symptoms.
  • Personal development – Your illness can become a jumping off point to real change! We are simply not made to stagnate. Neither on a physical nor on a mental level. Yet all too often we are entrenched or one-sided. Our body does not like that. So a new way of thinking and acting may be learned. And I’ll help you with that.
  • Identifying automatisms that no longer make sense – In the course of our lives, we experience many things. Some things need to be responded to quickly. And it works in that moment. But today the situation may be over, but we still react the same way. So this behavior is no longer needed.
  • Recognize and change strands of thought and action – Experts say that we think between 40-60,000 thoughts a day. How many of those would you say you think consciously? How many of your actions do you decide intentionally? Let’s take a good look at that.
  • Improving interpersonal relationships – Is it always the others’ fault? Do you simply have no choice at all? Or do you not have a problem anyway?
  • Conflict management – Learn how a new way of communicate can solve tense situations. Yes, in the beginning it’s weird, but soon you’ll see how it can not just change you but also your enviroment With a few tricks, it’s not that hard.

My offer

Time for you

With me you invest in yourself

My goal is to really help you in a sustainable way.

I’m not offering you an ‘overnight healing’ here, because unfortunately there’s no such thing.

But what I am offering you is a change from the ground up. We go to the root of the problem and start right there. These are your thoughts. Of course, this takes time.

That’s why I only offer packages that help you completely turn your life, relationships and self-esteem around into the positive.

Depending on your personal needs, I customize the time I spend with you.

Of course, this is best discussed in a personal meeting.

Just take advantage of the free mini-session and let’s have a coffee together over video.

“Feelings want to be felt, thoughts need to be controlled, and actions need to be consciously chosen.”

– Antoinette Fabian (freely translated)