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Hey, I’m eVe

At the age of 12, I developed depression. No one ever diagnosed me with it. I would never have dared to ask for help. It was just associated with shame and helplessness. From both sides, my parents’ and my own. They were hopelessly overwhelmed and didn’t really know how to deal with me and the depression. One day they took me to some sort of psychologist who told me I was just going through puberty, my hormones were playing up, and that it would pass. He told me to stand in front of the mirror every day and tell myself that I love myself…


With lots of metaphors and thinking in pictures, she helped me to find my way out of old behavioral patterns. Finding words for what actually is and solving them through understanding and rethinking …continue reading

36, sensitive, health conscious, mother

Well, it didn’t pass.

At 16, my vertebrae started to lock up. Or rather, from one moment to the next, I was in a lot of pain and unable to move. At the latest when I started hurting myself at 17, everyone knew that something was really wrong here. Because of my vertebrae, I made a pilgrimage from one doctor to another, hospitals, MRIs, emergency rooms, and I could have had the practice keys at my chiropractor’s office, that’s how often I was there. But NOBODY could tell me WHERE this came from. Or WHY. Why the vertebrae? For many years this went on.

Untill I found META Health through winding paths.

That was FINALLY a well-reasoned, understandable answer to the WHY.

The rest is history.

Oh, and the most I’ll drive by the chiropractor today is to bring him a good bottle of wine. After all, a friendship that lasts for years needs to be nurtured. 😉

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