Harness your Mental Power



Your Body is your Friend. Your thoughts too?

A holistic and constructive approach to your body symptoms and the thoughts behind them

“My back is killing me.”
“I can hardly breathe”
“It upsets my stomach”
“I can’t take all that”


“I don’t deserve to be happy”
“Everyone else is better than me”
“I am alone”
“I am good for nothing”

Do you know such thoughts?

Would it surprise you if I told you that these sentences are most likely related to each other?

When the body has no choice but to react to negative thoughts?

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What we can achieve together

  • You’ll stop constantly criticizing yourself and instead start celebrating your strengths and your successes.
  • Instead of constantly seeking the approval of others, and thus always putting yourself in the victim role, you will learn to accept yourself and be able to see the opinions of others in a balanced way.
  • I help you boost your self-esteem by helping you achieve the goals we set together.
  • You will learn to prioritize and focus on the essentials without striving for perfectionism. For example, you’ll realize that it’s okay to have a messy home from time to time, as long as you find time for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You will stop holding back your opinions to avoid conflict, and instead communicate what you think and feel openly and honestly, but lovingly.
  • Instead of spending your evenings in separate rooms to avoid quarrels, you will learn how to understand your partner and your inner, new attitude can bring you evenings of togetherness and deep conversations.
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