38, cool, always up for fun

Your coaching is simply great and I can really recommend it to everyone! With your positive and relaxed nature, you make it easy to open up and learn new things. …read more

43, simply different, special

I’m really excited inside!A mixture of joy, overwhelm and a YESSS! Today I exceeded my own (sport) goals. Why? On the one hand, because I know that this energy is …read more

36, down to earth, never at a loss for a saying

The methods she gives you help me to significantly improve my relationships with other people. The goal of being at peace with oneself and one’s environment becomes tangible with Eve’s training …read more

42, exceptional, with her very own style

Eve is full of joie de vivre, a good feeling for people, a sensitive ear and a lot of strategies for self-help. Although you have to implement these steps yourself, you always feel safe and supported …read more

25, wonderfully lively, likes to laugh loudly

Life isn’t always exactly how we imagine it to be, but we can pull something positive out of whatever life gives us and find joy – I learned that from Eve …read more

36, sensitive, health conscious, mother

With lots of metaphors and thinking in pictures, she helped me to find my way out of old behavioral patterns. Finding words for what actually is and solving them through understanding and rethinking …read more

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