What do you want?!?

It’s truly crazy.

We can easily spend hours talking about what annoys us, who is doing what wrong or not doing anything at all, and what we do NOT want.

However, when I ask my clients what they actually WANT to achieve, usually there’s a lot of pondering or more about what bothers them.

No judgement here – it is what it is.

We are all more negatively than positively wired. It’s just how it is.

The key is to be aware of this. ☝🏼 Because once you are aware, you can decide to change it.

Our brain functions like a navigation system. We need to input where we want to go.

What we usually do, though, is enter into the navigation system where we currently are and how it’s really bad here. That’s not how you move forward.

So, what do you actually want to achieve? Get specific!

  • Do you want to be able to host guests without freaking out for days beforehand?
  • Do you want to finally take the step towards self-employment and be successful with it?
  • Or do you want to learn to rely on yourself and your body’s intuition so you don’t constantly doubt your decisions afterwards?

It’s best to write down this desire or goal, because our brain thinks with the hand.

And think daily about what you’ve written down. This way, your entire system will align towards it, making it much easier or sometimes even automatic to find ways to get there.

You can do it!

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