Shoganai – The Art of Acceptance

“Shoganai” is an important word in Japanese.

It can be translated as “It can’t be helped”. 
In essence, it suggests that it’s better to quickly accept and move on if something is beyond your control.

“Shoganai” explains why Japanese people can handle terrible situations like disasters without complaining.

Acceptance – it is what it is.

There are a few fantastic phrases for this: 
“Oh, it’ll work out.” 
“It’s bound to work!” 
Another wonderful phrase is: 
“Then that’s just the way it is.”

Some might now think that such an attitude equates to disinterest or surrender without a fight.

I see it differently.
In reality, it is instant peace.

The traffic jam that’s making me late for work.
Do I get upset, or do I just turn on my audiobook?

The rain that starts right now, even though we’re expecting guests for a barbecue in half an hour.
Do I complain now, or do I just set the table indoors?

The service representative of your internet provider, who gives you the same completely useless information for the seventh time…

This list could go on endlessly.

So instead of maneuvering yourself into a corner mentally, “Shoganai” along with these phrases mentioned above frees up your mind.

“It is what it is. Check it off.
So what can I do now?”

You can practice this way of thinking.

I would suggest you incorporate these three phrases into your repertoire and think them over the next few days whenever it just is what it is.

It’ll definitely work out!

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