Baby Steps and Self-Love

I want to describe to you a vicious circle that we are all familiar with.

You are excited about an idea (in the best case; in the worse case, you do something only because you have to, should, or because it would be better. Then you can actually let it be right away, but that’s not what it’s about today).

Because of this enthusiasm, you decide to put your new plan into action.

Let’s say you want to have a healthier breakfast.
Instead of quickly making a sandwich as you have been, you want to prepare fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and a green smoothie from now on.

Yes, that’s a bit more effort, but for that, you want to get up half an hour earlier.

As you probably already suspect: Usually, you stick with it for a few days, then something gets in the way (e.g., you run out of fruit), you had a bad night’s sleep and your bed is so wonderfully warm, etc. – and your project fails.
Does this sound familiar?

But then what? SELF-BLAME!
And how do you feel then? TERRIBLE!

Imagine how motivated an employee would be if you first overload him with tasks and then harshly criticize him at the end of the day.
Please don’t do this to yourself.

So the lesson for today:

  1. You achieve more when you set your sights on less. Work in small steps.
    In our example, you could have decided to simply switch to whole grain bread. If you’ve been able to hold out for a while, you can take the next step and add maybe a piece of fruit to your bread.
  2. In this way, you avoid a vicious circle and start a success circle.

You achieve what you have set out to do, and can therefore be proud of yourself. This makes you feel good.

And if it doesn’t work out:

Then just bite into an apple again tomorrow, okay?

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