Transform ‘Annoying Comments’ Into Your Strength

Those sentences that somehow instantly drive you up the WALL.

That OUTRAGE you!

Or the ones that you hear over and over again and for the life of you, don’t understand why!?!

“For example, I can’t take criticism”. Bah! What AUDACITY!

“I run away from my problems”

“I’m TOO sensitive!!”

Okay, I’m certainly not going to tell you that these and similar sentences will ever feel good. Criticism never feels good. That’s just how it is.

But ask yourself: WHY does this comment UPSET me SO MUCH?

Hard words? Transform ‘Annoying Comments’ Into Your Strength

Does it perhaps expose a weakness of mine that I should really pay attention to?

Could it be possible that the person might not be entirely wrong?

You can approach it quite pragmatically. Put your pride and the hurt feelings aside for a moment and see HOW YOU CAN REACT to this situation so that it BENEFITS you.

Consider the comments as VALUABLE CUES. Put on the RESEARCHER’S GLASSES and analyze yourself.

Don’t see the person as your enemy, but as a signpost.

You can’t lose anyway. Because either you win or you learn.

It’ll work out for sure!

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