Is the grass on the other side always greener?

“I just don’t get it.”


“You moved from the Dominican Republic to Hungary? To Nagykáta?!?” (Nagykáta – imagine a completely unspectacular, post-communist Hungarian town)

Hmm, I had to think about this question for a moment.

Why don’t I see our move, or where it has taken us, as a downgrade?

True, we are certainly not living in the center of the world right now. The little house we live in could definitely use a renovation, and as I write this, it’s minus 2 degrees outside.

So, why am I not throwing my hands up in despair and lamenting the loss of sandy beaches, palm trees, and mosquitoes (let’s keep it real here…)?

It’s all about focus.

I see the beautiful snow outside while I sit with my coffee at the window, wrapped in a blanket.

I live close to my parents and can just bike over – anytime! I don’t have to spend hundreds of euros and get on a plane anymore.

The house we currently live in has a garden and 4 bedrooms! We have more space than ever before! And we are really enjoying it.

The lesson I want to share with you today is as well-known as it is timelessly valuable:

Is the grass always greener on the other side?

I firmly believe that one can find something beautiful in every situation and likewise, think everything is bad.

So, the next time you feel like everything is just blah, your day, your work, your environment, your relationship, or even yourself – do yourself a favor and analyze your thoughts.

Are they mostly positive or negative? Are you looking for advantages or finding fault? Do you tend to look back and paint the past rosy? (It’s best to write it down, it enhances clarity)

Once you’ve figured that out, consciously switch from the “Destructive Train” to the “Constructive Train” and write down:

What do I like about …? What am I grateful for here? What would I miss if it were gone or different?

Suddenly, the grass around you shines in a new green glow 😉

You’ve got this!

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