The Journey of Overcoming Any Challenge (Part IV)

You or me?

I bet you’ve already guessed that any change we’re talking about here is all about YOU.

We all get that everyone has their own pace and way of learning, and there’s no judgment. I mean, we’d want the same for ourselves, right?

So what does real change actually look like?

To get that, it helps to first know what doesn’t work:

  • Just waiting it out
  • Ignoring the issue
  • Trying to trick your way out of it
  • Playing the victim
  • Making a big drama
  • Judging others

But a more constructive approach is:

  • Treating the issue or person with respect and taking them seriously
  • Actually listening
  • Acknowledging that the problem, the pain, or even the person has a right to be there
  • Dealing with it respectfully

I know this might sound crazy, but think of it as a good thing, even a gift! The farther you go in this mindset, the more you can get out of it.

Back to my communication issue I brought up earlier:

I used to always blame the other guy…

Imagine how that played out in my conversations. Once I switched up how I saw things, the problem I was facing and the solution I wanted became clearer. And guess what? It was on me to make that change.

Trust me, your mindset here is everything.

And hey, be kind. You can’t really go wrong with that approach.

Quick recap:

  • YOU have the power to change. What others do is their own deal.
  • Start by changing how you see things. Then you can actually do something.
  • Whatever you do, be nice! Sounds basic, but man, we mess this up all the time, especially with our partners. 😉

In the next post I’ll break down how to nail a conflict conversation.

You’ve got this!

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