It’ll work out for sure!

You have no control over the events in your life.

But you can control the expectations you have towards them and how you then respond to them.

For example, are no mistakes allowed in your life? Or do you always expect everything to go wrong?

Over the years, I’ve trained myself to anticipate incidents and setbacks.

And not to let them ruin my day, my plans, or the event.

Because I’ve already decided that it’s going to work out, or it’s going to be a great day, no matter what!

That’s what I mean by: “It definitely works”.

With this basic attitude, nothing can harm you! Well, of course, things can happen, but it’s not a big deal then.

You become more flexible.

Your mind switches and thinks, well, I’ll just take the umbrella with me.

Alright, I’ll eat something else. Okay, I’ll just make myself a coffee while this update is loading.

This also applies to your healing process. Building self-worth doesn’t happen overnight.

Relationships also don’t just repair themselves. You can definitely expect setbacks in between.

But: It definitely works! That’s why it’s my motto.

What motto should accompany you in your everyday life?

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