Goodwill and Freedom of Choice

Ahhh, finally some peace.

Cup of tea at my lips, I close my eyes in relaxation and inhale the scent of fresh tea leaves.

Suddenly, the walls tremble, and I hear the shriek of a drill.

So much for peace.

My neighbor has apparently chosen this exact moment to hang his kitchen cabinets.

My old self would have reacted with pure indignation or self-pity. After all, this ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!!

Day ruined. Stupid idiot!

But, having been applying the “GOODWILL concept” for a while now, I see my neighbor as a valid individual who, like everyone else, has to install his furniture at some point. He can’t know that I needed peace right then.

Goodwill and Freedom of Choice

Okay. That covers the first part of the GOODWILL concept. Viewing others with understanding.

Now, onto the second part: Freedom of Choice.
I consciously recognize that I have various ways to respond to this situation.

The response should be CONSTRUCTIVE.
So, throwing myself on the floor, crying, and flailing are out.

I could put on headphones and listen to relaxing music with my tea.

I could move to another room where the noise isn’t as loud.

I could pour the tea into a thermos and head to a park.

I could go over and ask if he could spare me and my tea 30 minutes before resuming his work.

In the end, that’s what I decide to do.
I grab two beers and knock on his door.

Now, my neighbor and his buddy are having a beer break, and I’m enjoying my peaceful tea time.

The takeaway from this story:

You ALWAYS have far more options to react than you initially think. Make yourself aware of them and act with GOODWILL.

It’ll work out for sure!

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