Detox with new thinking habits

Nutella, croissants, cake, sugar in general…

There was a time when I consistently denied myself these things. I classified them as bad and harmful and avoided eating them.

Today, I see this in a more balanced way and know that one can occasionally indulge in sweets. Especially every 28 days or so…

Unlike sweets, which one can occasionally indulge in, self-doubts, brooding, comparisons with others and self-condemnation are pure poison.

They are never helpful. They only drain a lot of energy, make you feel bad and guilty, and even create an unpleasant atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it is in our nature to perceive ourselves as inadequate.

But here comes the good news:


You can consciously choose to consistently avoid self-doubt, brooding, self-condemnation, and comparisons with others.

Every time you notice that you tend to do this, stop consciously and think something positive.

For example, what you are grateful for today.

You persistently do this over and over again.
And this is how you create new thinking habits.

Believe me, it works.
I’m not telling you anything that I haven’t tried out myself and that has proven to be effective.

Today, negative/destructive thinking immediately feels foreign to me and I stop it immediately. (Most of the time, hehe😅 Nobody is perfect)

So, forbid yourself to think badly about you and allow yourself to only think good things about you and others.

It’ll work for sure!

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