Decide Without Stress

The every day struggle of making good decisions.

We all suffer from it daily, but only a few are aware of it.

Should I rather buy online or in the store? Where do I get the better deal? I actually wanted to book next week when I get my salary, but the offer is only valid today. (Black Friday Deals, hello!)

It even starts much smaller.

Should I wear the new skirt, which is so beautiful, but a bit uncomfortable. Or the old, comfortable pants?

I should actually prepare a healthy breakfast with avocado and egg, but who has time for that? So now I quickly eat the chocolate cereals and feel guilty about it. :-/ :-/

All this is incredibly exhausting for our brains. And it’s not really nice for our minds either. Or does it sound relaxing to you?

However, it seems that we can’t escape these many decisions. After all, we have to make them. One can hardly leave the house naked!

So, where is the actual problem?

It’s not the decision itself, but the DOUBT that comes with it, that causes the unpleasant feeling.

Imagine you would briefly consider a decision, make it, and then feel absolutely comfortable with it.

How is that possible?

By DECIDING for yourself to feel comfortable with it.

I decide this now. It’ll be good. Done.

Believe me, it works.

You are cordially invited to bid farewell to the doubts and leave them at the door. On the other hand, you are welcome to open the door to make decisions, and feel good about them.

Your decision 😉

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