How to Deal Constructively with Your Inner Driver

If only it were that simple, to allow ourselves rest and idleness…

Even when one finally decides to take a break, this voice creeps into consciousness on silent soles and spoils every little second of peace with its reproaches.

It whispers one’s to-do’s in one’s ear and that one is lazy and weak. That one is missing out on what the others are currently experiencing wonderfully, and that they think that something is wrong with one.

Why can I describe this to you in vivid colors?
Because I know exactly what these thoughts feel like.

And that they can have an incredibly paralyzing effect.

But I also know that you can put this voice in its place. Not suppress. Nothing and nobody in life wants to be suppressed. But in a constructive, respectful, and responsible way. That’s how things want to be handled. This voice too.

For example, you could respond to it. In a constructive way.

“I heard you saying that the others are having great experiences while I’m lying here lazily.” (Giving recognition)

“If that’s really the case, which we can’t know for 100%, then I’m happy for them.

And I allow myself to relax and recharge my batteries.” (Clearly and explicitly communicate your standpoint)

And yes, I’m serious, you can literally and loudly talk to this voice. (Maybe not in a crowded subway…)

Need another example?

“So you think I should rather do this and that from my to-do list.” (Show it that it is being heard.)

“I can assure you that I will do that. But at a time that I choose. For now, rest is on my to-do list.”

Okay, we both know that the voice won’t stop talking. But that’s clear! It is, after all, undisciplined. Literally. YOU have to discipline it. Just like I just showed you. And over time, the situation will drastically improve.
That will definitely work.

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