The power of doing nothing

A cup of tea. Tranquility. Nothing on the calendar.
Staying in pajamas. All day long.

Sometimes, the basics are the most healing.
Because sometimes, your batteries are simply empty. So empty that thoughts don’t even have the strength to formulate something meaningful. Or to think at all.

A bath, a simple meal.
Silence. Staring into emptiness. No time pressure.

Why should you do that? Doing nothing?

You could do Pilates. Or tidy up. Since you´re already at home.

Because the mind needs it. To do nothing for a while.
Letting the world out there be okay.
Staying in the cave.

Those who relax and let it “be,”

The one who relaxes like that
listen to their bodies. And their bodies will thank them.

We don’t blame our phone for needing to charge either.

Allow yourself moments of inactivity.

That’s all I want to convey to you today.
Just this one thing.

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