The problem with self-help…

When I started down the path of self-help, a sea of ​​information and a whole new world opened up to me. There was so much to learn and apply! I ... weiterlesen

Part 6 of The journey of Overcoming any Challenge

Alright. Now let’s get to the final part of the six-part series: how to master every challenge successfully: When you get to the point where you accept your challenge, tackle it, and ... weiterlesen

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part V)

Alright, time to roll up our sleeves! Change is coming! Imagine a balanced, loving kindergarten teacher: In a conflict, she’d get down to the child’s level, listen to them, let them ... weiterlesen

The Journey of Overcoming Any Challenge (Part IV)

You or me? I bet you’ve already guessed that any change we’re talking about here is all about YOU. We all get that everyone has their own pace and way ... weiterlesen

The Secret of Change

MARIE KONDO, a Japanese organization expert, recounts in her book how she loved to tidy up even as a child.In the hallway of her family home, there was a large ... weiterlesen

Goodwill and Freedom of Choice

Ahhh, finally some peace. Cup of tea at my lips, I close my eyes in relaxation and inhale the scent of fresh tea leaves. Suddenly, the walls tremble, and I ... weiterlesen

Goodwill in Action: Giving Joy without Costs

Imagine you could give GIFTS to all sorts of people around you, without spending a single penny on it. It’s actually possible! With the right attitude! I’ve mentioned it before: ... weiterlesen

Baby Steps and Self-Love

I want to describe to you a vicious circle that we are all familiar with. You are excited about an idea (in the best case; in the worse case, you ... weiterlesen


Somehow there is no good equivalent for “Goodwill” in German. Love is too broad. Benevolence is too old-fashioned. So I stick with the English “Goodwill” and explain to you what ... weiterlesen

From complaints to actions

We’re usually pretty quick to know what others should be doing or what they’ve failed to do. This is only human. But with this simple trick you get what you ... weiterlesen

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