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The problem with self-help…

When I started down the path of self-help, a sea of ​​information and a whole new world opened up to me. There was so much to learn and apply! I ... weiterlesen

Self-worth vs. self-esteem

When do I have a lot of value? And when little? What do I have to achieve to feel valuable? Am I worth less when others put me down? Or ... weiterlesen

What do you want?!?

It’s truly crazy. We can easily spend hours talking about what annoys us, who is doing what wrong or not doing anything at all, and what we do NOT want. ... weiterlesen

Whom do you feed?

You gotta think anyway, why not think positive – ever heard that? It’s a nice postcard saying, but in reality, there’s a lot to it. Because our brain can’t NOT think. ... weiterlesen

Is the grass on the other side always greener?

“I just don’t get it.” “What?” “You moved from the Dominican Republic to Hungary? To Nagykáta?!?” (Nagykáta – imagine a completely unspectacular, post-communist Hungarian town) Hmm, I had to think ... weiterlesen

Woman enjoying coffee with friends at cozy cafe.

Nothing but excuses!

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite exercises. It helps you to get less upset in life and to develop a lot of understanding for others. This approach lets you ... weiterlesen

Trust?!? How does that work?

Think about a day without any form of trust. Constant doubts about whether the alarm will go off in the morning, if the train will be on time, or if ... weiterlesen

Control: Is Fear the True Driving Force?

Checking to see if your kids have brushed their teeth at night or if you’ve plugged in your phone is obviously okay. But what if this need to have everything under ... weiterlesen

Every Negative Thought is Like a Sharp Stone in Your Shoe

Everyone’s been there. Suddenly, there’s a sharp pain in your shoe, and with each step, walking becomes torture. No one would think of pouring a handful of sharp pebbles into ... weiterlesen

Part 6 of The journey of Overcoming any Challenge

Alright. Now let’s get to the final part of the six-part series: how to master every challenge successfully: When you get to the point where you accept your challenge, tackle it, and ... weiterlesen

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