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Control: Is Fear the True Driving Force?

Checking to see if your kids have brushed their teeth at night or if you’ve plugged in your phone is obviously okay. But what if this need to have everything under ... weiterlesen

Every Negative Thought is Like a Sharp Stone in Your Shoe

Everyone’s been there. Suddenly, there’s a sharp pain in your shoe, and with each step, walking becomes torture. No one would think of pouring a handful of sharp pebbles into ... weiterlesen

Part 6 of The journey of Overcoming any Challenge

Alright. Now let’s get to the final part of the six-part series: how to master every challenge successfully: When you get to the point where you accept your challenge, tackle it, and ... weiterlesen

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part V)

Alright, time to roll up our sleeves! Change is coming! Imagine a balanced, loving kindergarten teacher: In a conflict, she’d get down to the child’s level, listen to them, let them ... weiterlesen

The Journey of Overcoming Any Challenge (Part IV)

You or me? I bet you’ve already guessed that any change we’re talking about here is all about YOU. We all get that everyone has their own pace and way ... weiterlesen

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part III)

So last time we talked, we figured out that every tense situation can actually help us grow. It’s all about how YOU handle it. That decides whether it ends up helping you to ... weiterlesen

The journey of Overcoming any Challenge (Part II)

Today, we’re talking about the true value of facing challenges. Listen up, because this is big:Every difficulty, conflict, awkward moment, and yes, even every pain or illness has the potential for growth. ... weiterlesen

The Journey of Overcoming a Challenge (Part I)

I’ve got this problem… and it’s seriously driving me nuts! No matter how hard I try to shake it off or avoid it, it’s like it’s glued to me. Do ... weiterlesen

Shoganai – The Art of Acceptance

“Shoganai” is an important word in Japanese. It can be translated as “It can’t be helped”. In essence, it suggests that it’s better to quickly accept and move on if something ... weiterlesen

Your Environment Doesn’t Hear What You Say, But What You Think

You’re invited. To your mother-in-law’s place. And you’re already dreading it. “Deep breath”, you tell yourself. “I’ll ignore her snide comments and otherwise I’ll just smile and keep my thoughts ... weiterlesen

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