Goodwill in Action: Giving Joy without Costs

Imagine you could give GIFTS to all sorts of people around you, without spending a single penny on it.

It’s actually possible! With the right attitude!

I’ve mentioned it before: GOODWILL.

Your partner frequently complains that you leave the dishes. Now you have the following options:

  1. You defend yourself: “As if you always do the dishes right away!”
  2. You justify yourself: “Yes, sorry, I haven’t had the time yet…”
  3. You grumble, get up and just do the blasted dishes.
    None of this feels really good, because in all three variants you are playing the victim.

To SUSTAINABLY improve the situation, GOODWILL is the key.
With the fundamental loving attitude that you’re doing it for this person, as a gift.

Because you WANT TO perform this good act.
Regardless of how or even if it’s acknowledged. You’re doing it out of PURE JOY OF GIVING.
That’s the crux of the matter.

Yes, it requires a certain humility.

And also some prior thinking and empathizing with the situation.
But by doing this, you truly lift yourself out of the victim role.
You display genuine strength and end up feeling LIKE A QUEEN, irrespective of the reaction.

You can start with small gestures, where it might not be as difficult:
Rushing across the zebra crossing and thanking for the pause.

Giving something to a beggar with goodwill.

Smiling at the cashier and wishing her a particularly nice day and hopefully an early end to her shift.

These might seem like small things, but ultimately, they MAKE YOU HAPPY. Believe me, that’s the effect of giving with GOODWILL!

And by the way: Sooner or later, there will be a positive response to your changed behavior.
But that’s just a bonus 😉

It’ll work for sure!

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