From complaints to actions

We’re usually pretty quick to know what others should be doing or what they’ve failed to do.

This is only human.

But with this simple trick you get what you want:


A very wise man said about 2000 years ago: “Therefore, treat others as you want them to treat you.”

Two points to note here:

  1. Your motivation MUST NOT be that you only do it to get something back. You should decide to do it because it will be good for you. As soon as you have expectations of the other person in the back of your mind, the calculation won’t work out.
  2. You have to give FIRST. The other way round doesn’t work.

Here’s an example:

You’re annoyed that your partner never really listens to you. You want his full attention without wandering thoughts, cell phone, laptop or similar.

And with that, you’ve formulated your own task. Why don’t you show him what it’s like to give him YOUR full attention. Do you still need to improve?

Maybe not with him, but in other areas of your life?

YOU set the FIRST step, without nagging at your partner.

Has it ever brought anything anyway?

So replace complaining with actions in your own life, and you’ll see things start to move.

In my coaching, I train my clients, among other things, to adopt exactly this way of thinking, and I show ways to integrate it step by step into everyday life.

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