Accepting Failures

Any moment now, I’m going to lose my patience.

I’m about to lose it!

My feet hurt, I’m on my period, I’ve barely eaten all day, and it’s getting dark and cold. We’ve been sitting here for almost an hour waiting for our pre-booked taxi. The man who’s supposed to be organizing everything keeps giving us the runaround.

I know all the tricks of the trade and theoretically, I know exactly how to calm down and direct my thoughts. But I’m incapable. Instead, I’m now even more annoyed with myself.

Why am I telling you this rather unflattering story?

Because I want to encourage you.

Let’s be honest, we usually expect too much of ourselves, and when things don’t go as we imagine them in our perfect world, we feel like failures.

But the fact is: It can’t always work out. There’s a reason why the learning curve is called a learning curve. Otherwise, it would be called a learning line. Actually, it should even be called a learning wave because it always goes up and down.

So for the future: It is PERFECTLY NORMAL if it doesn’t work out sometimes.

And so, when things really go wrong or we simply don’t manage it: Forget it. Check it off and just keep going the next day.

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