You only limit yourself in your mind.

Recently, Michu and I had the pleasure of taking a boat tour on the Bosphorus. It was a diverse group of people, none of whom had known each other before. One of them was in a wheelchair and his name was Marinus.

So Marinus is in a wheelchair and he tells us about how much he loves to travel and how many different places he has been to. Crazy places like Senegal, Egypt, Guatemala, and the tours he and his wife have done there! He got a diving certificate and goes deep-sea diving as often as he can!!!

My eyes got bigger and bigger the longer he talked.

When the boat finally docked and we could board, it quickly became clear that he had no chance with the wheelchair. While I was still nervously considering what to do, he gave brief instructions to a few strong men in the group, each eager to help, and in no time he was lifted out of the wheelchair and carried over the plank. The wheelchair was folded up and handed over.

Later, he told us how he ended up in a wheelchair. He has sleepwalked all his life. One night, however, he sleepwalked over the balcony railing of his hotel room on the 2nd floor.

He smiled and said, “Ah, the accident solved a big inconvenience in my life. My sleepwalking problem!”

When I asked him how on earth he could be so positive and especially undertake travels and do things that even the average person shies away from, he said: “You only limit yourself in your head”

My encounter with Marinus and his mindset deeply impressed me.

And I wanted to share this with you in this blog post.

Where do you set boundaries for yourself? And are these boundaries real? Or are they just in your head?

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