Direct Your Thoughts – Peace & Focus

Hmm, perfect foam, the warmth in my hand, and a good book on my lap. I take the first sip of my coffee and I’m happy.

The fact that I’m sitting in a waiting hall in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport and the coffee comes from a vending machine with a paper cup, for which I paid 2€, doesn’t bother me much.

Of course, I could be upset that a coffee from a machine used to cost half as much or that I nearly witnessed a full-blown fight between two passengers just now. People used to have manners, tsk tsk.

I could get upset about it. But I don’t. For the simple and pragmatic reason that it does me no good. Why should I use my energy to harm myself?

Instead, I’d rather use it to make things nice for myself.

Right now, with many rising prices, we can decide for ourselves whether this situation harms us or (and beware ☝️) may even be useful.

Sure, nobody likes that prices are going up.

But do I complain all day and unnecessarily worry myself, or do I take it as an opportunity to train my inner peace and actively focus on the good aspects of my life. And without a doubt, they are still there. Only, we tend to lose focus.

I warmly invite you to consciously notice how often you complain about the situation, others, or yourself.

And then observe how often that was goal-oriented.

But beware ⚠️, this could be life-changing 😉

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