Your Environment Doesn’t Hear What You Say, But What You Think

You’re invited. To your mother-in-law’s place. And you’re already dreading it.

“Deep breath”, you tell yourself. “I’ll ignore her snide comments and otherwise I’ll just smile and keep my thoughts to myself.”

What do you think the atmosphere will be like? Tense or relaxed? That thick air that you could cut with a knife, what do you think makes it so dense? 

It’s the thoughts and the associated emotions that seem to waft in the air. And everyone can feel them.

Basically, we are often like a child who covers its closed eyes with its hands and believes that others can’t see it.

Similarly, we often deceive ourselves into believing that people can’t hear what we think about them. Oh, but they can.

Conversely, we also somehow sense when someone dislikes us, even when nice words are exchanged, right?

It’s a law of nature: Your environment doesn’t hear what you say, but what you think.

The good news?

If you think nice things about your environment, others ‘hear’ it too, and you yourself become kinder, more forgiving, more authentic, and more attractive.

In the end, it’s a good thing that people can indeed look behind your forehead or listen in. Use it to your advantage!

Ask yourself: What could I think about my partner, my family, my friends to spread a pleasant atmosphere?

But beware, it could change your life! 😉

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