Your Thoughts and Their Physical Effects

Your thoughts are a kind of programming,

because in reality every cell in your body listens in on every thought you think and reacts to it.

For example: How do you think it happens that negative people often carry around a tense face? What does a facial muscle have to do with what’s swirling around in the head?

It doesn’t matter whether you just think your thoughts or say them out loud.  Whether positive or negative, you always have listeners. 

Namely, your cells and they respond to what you think.

Therefore, choose your thoughts consciously!

Don’t allow yourself to think poorly about you or others!

In this way, you actively influence your mind, your body, and even your environment positively!

Just turn it around!

Consider: How do I want to think instead? How would a balanced person think? A courageous one? A loving one? A healthy one?

Of course, this process requires some practice. You don’t change such a thinking HABIT overnight. 

You could start by paying attention to when you NOTICE that you are thinking destructively. And then consciously correct yourself.

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