Every Negative Thought is Like a Sharp Stone in Your Shoe

Everyone’s been there. Suddenly, there’s a sharp pain in your shoe, and with each step, walking becomes torture.

No one would think of pouring a handful of sharp pebbles into their shoe, putting it on, and walking around in it.

But, in reality, we all walk around like this every day.

Because every negative thought is like a sharp stone in your shoe.

“I’m not good enough”, “I’m alone”, “Others are better than me…” The list can be quite long.

Imagine if each of these thoughts were a pebble in your shoe that you walk around with every day.

I’m a huge fan of tackling the issue at its root. So, removing the pebbles from the shoe one by one.

Your destructive thoughts can be transformed! Into supportive and healing thoughts.

Here’s one method:

The next time you notice your mood has suddenly hit rock bottom, tell it to bring some wine.

No, seriously. Analyze what happened just before and what you were thinking. I guarantee it wasn’t anything uplifting.

So, if your thoughts can ruin your mood, then you can also restore your mood with your thoughts.

Consistently think something positive.

So, “I’m not good enough” can become “I have unique strengths and talents that make me special.”

Or “Others are better than me” turns into “I measure my success by my own progress”.

Or you can simply think about something completely different! Like your next vacation, the fun evening with friends recently, or how good it felt to make someone genuinely happy.

You’ve got this!

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