The 3 Areas of Responsibility

Understanding the THREE AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your everyday life. It allows you to navigate through life with greater ease.

There are three areas of responsibility in life.

  1. The divine area: This includes, for example, the weather. Nobody would run into the rain and loudly demand that it please stop raining now. Any sensible person knows that nothing can be changed here. It is what it is.
  2. The area of responsibility of OTHERS and
  3. YOUR area of responsibility.

For these last two areas, things get a bit more complicated because you can actually change something only in ONE of them.

Guess which one it is.

Unfortunately, we LOVE to spend our time in the area of responsibility of OTHERS and to exert pressure and push there, hoping that others will FINALLY change.

But in the entire universe, there is exactly one ADJUSTMENT you can make that will actually effect a change. That’s right, it’s YOUR OWN area of responsibility.

Ask yourself, for example, when you are lost in thought, or when you are arguing with someone, or complaining about others:

“In which area of responsibility am I currently?”

If you realize that you want the other person to refrain from doing something or to do something, or if you are upset about how they could possibly do such a thing, then you now know that you are in the area of responsibility of the OTHER and you can achieve absolutely nothing here.

Instead, you can now retreat into YOUR area of responsibility and deal with YOUR REACTION to the situation. THIS is in YOUR hands.

Have fun observing and trying it out!

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