Change Your Environment – The Effect of Goodwill

We all get regularly upset about others. Maybe even daily.

The jerk who won’t let me pass on the freeway!

My partner who’s constantly glued to their phone.

The neighbor who decides to blast music just when I need quiet.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could simply change everyone else?

That’s possible!!
You just have to take a little detour through yourself, hehe.

Others react differently to you when you change yourself and thereby emit different vibes.

The Effect of Goodwill – Change your Environment!

The concept “GOODWILL” basically assumes that EVERY PERSON IS VALUABLE and is to be taken SERIOUSLY.

You want to meet them on equal footing and it creates UNDERSTANDING for the other person.

Simply with THIS ATTITUDE, you create a relaxed space between you and the other person.

What do you think the reactions will be if you’re judgmental and accusatory (even if it’s just in your thoughts) or if you meet people on an equal footing and with understanding?

How do you think your attitude in each case affects YOUR mood?

Does it make sense to say that you can change others by changing yourself?

It’ll work for sure!

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