Trust?!? How does that work?

Think about a day without any form of trust.

Constant doubts about whether the alarm will go off in the morning, if the train will be on time, or if your colleagues will get their work done.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Trust makes our lives easier because it helps us save energy.

Trust in what, though?

In life, in the goodness of people, in our own abilities, in past experiences, in love… you pick!

People who embrace trust are usually the more relaxed folks.

This doesn’t mean they don’t care about anything.

1. Aspect

The difference between them and our – let’s affectionately call them – control lovers is that trusting people CAN CHOOSE whether to take action or just let things be.

They decide to see a situation as simply GOOD.


Your partner forgot to shop.

And tonight was supposed to be potato pancake night. Without potatoes, that’s a challenge.

You could make a big deal out of it.

Or feel justified in thinking you should always do everything yourself.

Ooor you could consciously choose to save that energy and just make a ready-made pizza. There’s always tomorrow for potato pancakes.

2. Aspect

A commonly overlooked factor: people with trust – in other words, more relaxed people – are flexible.

Guests canceled at the last minute? Just have a movie night at home then.

The cashier is like an old record player in a Spotify world – charming, but not the fastest. All right, I’ll just reply to my messages while I wait.

You want to hike in the mountains, but your partner prefers a city trip. Alright, vacation separately then. Just kidding…

But you get my point, right?

3. Aspect

Trusting/relaxed people grant others the right to think and act differently.

Yes, others can have their own perspectives. They CAN. Just as they can choose to handle things differently. And thats okay.

And they should be allowed to without judgment.

We don’t like it either when we’re criticized for our opinions or decisions, right? Let alone judged.

Now, let’s get into action.

For this exercise:

Think of a situation that usually annoys you or gets you really upset. Where you feel you have to control!

Sit down and write a letter to this person (it usually involves other people, right?). Clearly explain why you feel compelled to intervene or take matters into your own hands.

Next, write a second letter. From that person to you.

What would they want to tell you? What are their reasons? Why do they act that way?

Let me know how it goes!

You’ve got this!

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