The joy you get is the joy you bring

Ever heard of this saying?

In essence, it means that you can expect results in the same proportion as the effort you have put in.

So, if you quickly buy a ready-made pizza for your guests, they won’t break into cheers. (Except maybe my husband, who exceptionally loves ready-made pizza.)

However, if you make the effort to prepare a dough and lovingly top it with fresh ingredients, you can expect a much more euphoric reaction.

I say ‘expect’, because there’s a little catch:

You can put in as much effort as you like, but if you do it for the wrong reasons, the response will be distorted.

If you only do it to gain admiration, to be better than others, or to show off, others will sense that and respond accordingly.

So do yourself and others a favor and give your best.

With the purest and best motivation.

It will pay off 😉

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