The problem with self-help…

When I started down the path of self-help, a sea of ​​information and a whole new world opened up to me.

There was so much to learn and apply!

I tried everything on myself. I filled notebooks and did all sorts of exercises.

One time my husband came into the room and found me standing on a chair in the middle of the room, as if on a deserted island. I was just testing what doing nothing does to you.

Sometimes I didn’t even understand what exactly it was supposed to achieve, but I tried everything. That was a good thing, because it not only helped me get to know myself, but also helped me distinguish between what is nonsense and what is useful.

Sometimes when I convey an idea or principle, I get the answer: “Yes, I know that.”

One time, a client who is a coach herself and deals with similar issues told me that I had taught her absolutely nothing new in all our sessions! 😳

Nevertheless, she wrote me these words after our collaboration ended:

“First of all, I had to let everything sink in, and there was so much that came up inside me. For a few days now, I have been consciously thinking about how many situations I have been in over the last few weeks that would have made me mentally anxious. But thanks to EFT, I keep calm and have been able to feel more intensely how I can support my insecurity. How much fears and anxieties are giving way. Instead, thoughts come: ‘That’s OK.’ ‘I’m going at my own pace.’ ‘I’m allowed to be insecure.’ Feelings of joy and exhilaration are there. I can accept praise/criticism much better and also give it from the heart. I finally feel like I’m living my life with all my senses, and it’s OK. Even my emotional eating has been regulated to almost zero. By that, I mean that I am still consciously controlling emotional eating, but can now use my resources and then no longer have binge eating. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for directing attention to the issues that had/have priority. Best regards.🫶🏼“

So how can this be?

Unfortunately, knowing does not always mean being able to do something .

We may know the best truths and principles and even advise others , yet be blind to how we might apply them to ourselves.

Therefore, it is only logical and sensible to get help. Who does it is smart.

You can save yourself a long ordeal or at least shorten it considerably.

I was in therapy myself for two and a half years and to this day I regularly get someone to help me when I get stuck.

And yes, of course there is the financial aspect. And I would never advise going beyond your financial means. But you can think about what is really important to you and perhaps reconsider your priorities. We spend money on vacations, going out to eat or jewelry.

How much is your satisfaction with yourself or your peace with your partner or the people around you worth to you?

If this appeals to you, just write to me. Just tell me briefly what you are struggling with and we can talk about it.

All love,


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