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You only limit yourself in your mind.

Recently, Michu and I had the pleasure of taking a boat tour on the Bosphorus. It was a diverse group of people, none of whom had known each other before. ... weiterlesen

Decide Without Stress

The every day struggle of making good decisions. We all suffer from it daily, but only a few are aware of it. Should I rather buy online or in the ... weiterlesen

How to Deal Constructively with Your Inner Driver

If only it were that simple, to allow ourselves rest and idleness… Even when one finally decides to take a break, this voice creeps into consciousness on silent soles and ... weiterlesen

The power of doing nothing

A cup of tea. Tranquility. Nothing on the calendar. Staying in pajamas. All day long. Sometimes, the basics are the most healing.Because sometimes, your batteries are simply empty. So empty ... weiterlesen

Accepting Failures

Any moment now, I’m going to lose my patience. I’m about to lose it! My feet hurt, I’m on my period, I’ve barely eaten all day, and it’s getting dark ... weiterlesen

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