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The Journey of Overcoming a Challenge (Part I)

I’ve got this problem… and it’s seriously driving me nuts! No matter how hard I try to shake it off or avoid it, it’s like it’s glued to me. Do ... weiterlesen

Shoganai – The Art of Acceptance

“Shoganai” is an important word in Japanese. It can be translated as “It can’t be helped”. In essence, it suggests that it’s better to quickly accept and move on if something ... weiterlesen

Your Environment Doesn’t Hear What You Say, But What You Think

You’re invited. To your mother-in-law’s place. And you’re already dreading it. “Deep breath”, you tell yourself. “I’ll ignore her snide comments and otherwise I’ll just smile and keep my thoughts ... weiterlesen

Your Thoughts and Their Physical Effects

Your thoughts are a kind of programming, because in reality every cell in your body listens in on every thought you think and reacts to it. For example: How do ... weiterlesen

The Secret of Change

MARIE KONDO, a Japanese organization expert, recounts in her book how she loved to tidy up even as a child.In the hallway of her family home, there was a large ... weiterlesen

Transform ‘Annoying Comments’ Into Your Strength

Those sentences that somehow instantly drive you up the WALL. That OUTRAGE you! Or the ones that you hear over and over again and for the life of you, don’t ... weiterlesen

It’ll work out for sure!

You have no control over the events in your life. But you can control the expectations you have towards them and how you then respond to them. For example, are ... weiterlesen

Goodwill and Freedom of Choice

Ahhh, finally some peace. Cup of tea at my lips, I close my eyes in relaxation and inhale the scent of fresh tea leaves. Suddenly, the walls tremble, and I ... weiterlesen

Change Your Environment – The Effect of Goodwill

We all get regularly upset about others. Maybe even daily. The jerk who won’t let me pass on the freeway! My partner who’s constantly glued to their phone. The neighbor ... weiterlesen

Goodwill in Action: Giving Joy without Costs

Imagine you could give GIFTS to all sorts of people around you, without spending a single penny on it. It’s actually possible! With the right attitude! I’ve mentioned it before: ... weiterlesen

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